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SocialEngine Connector

Version of the product:5.0.1 for Public $ 149.00

Compatible with X-Cart v.5.0.0-5.x.x

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This X-Cart module integrates X-Cart with SocialEngine PHP community CMS as follows:

  • registered at a SocialEngine website, the user automatically becomes a registered user at X-Cart
  • if an already registered user logs-in at a SocialEngine website, he/she will be automatically loged-in at X-Cart
  • if the website administrator removes a user from SocialEngine, this user will also be removed from X-Cart
  • X-Cart uses SocialEngine design styles and therefore the system looks as a whole unit
  • if the administrator changes a template theme for SocialEngine, it will automatically apply for X-Cart
  • the SocialEngine administrator can adjust member levels in order to indicate what users are allowed to use the X-Cart shop
  • the integration is completely jointless, so none of the standard SocialEngine and X-Cart files are modified during the installation process

For correct operation of the X-Cart add-on the free X-Cart Store plugin for SocialEngine-based web site is required.

Using two great applications (X-Cart and SocialEngine) you can make your website more attractive for users and enjoy all the facilities of social network and ecommerce applications comprised in one system.

SocialEngine Connector
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